About us

NIBH is a community of healthcare professionals who have a lure to give back to the society. They are highly qualified, indeed, hold a strong hold on human anatomy and physiology/ human body functioning and their ultimate complications. Irrefutably, they are highly responsible as well as capable enough to ensure the better health of the patients. Disease free body and stress-free mind is the motto of NIBH.
Unethical practices in healthcare system is common nowadays. Many a time, it is truly not required to visit a doctor or taking hazardous allopathic medicines which is merely possible by easily available kitchen items. NIBH is committed to create an atmosphere of a health expert in every family which ultimately leads to reduction of doctors’ visits as well as expenses on medicines and unnecessary testing. NIBH is the ultimate place where folks can reach and seek an immediate health solution within a short time. NIBH ensures that it is only committed to offer suggestions and guidance, medicine prescription is strictly not is in its practice.